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Ordering Steps 购买步骤

Step 1

Click "Add To Cart" button.
点击 "Add To Cart" 按键把物品加入购物车。

Step 2

You can continue adding more items to your shopping cart by clicking "Continue Shopping" button. When you're ready to checkout, click "Checkout" button to procced.
若想继续购物,可点击"Continue Shopping"按键继续购物;若想结束购物,可点击"Checkout"按键进入结算页面。

Step 3

If you're a returning customer, please login using your email and password. Otherwise, please register by completing the registration form. Then click the "Next" button to continue.

Step 4

Choose your billing/shipping address. Click "Next" button to proceed.

Step 5

Choose your shipping and billing method. Then click "Next" button to proceed.

Step 6

Confirm your order and click the "Finish" button to end your purchase. You can enter the coupon number if available.

Referral & Points 关系链与分数

Step 1

Registered users can click on the invite button on top of the page to invite new users . For each successfully invite, the introducer will obtain 150 points!

Step 2

For each time a member placed an order with payment made, points of sum equal to total price of the order will be rewarded to the member and the member's direct upline.

Step 3

Accumented points can be view in the account. Points can be redeem for 150 points equal RM1 in the payment process.

Frequently Asked Questions 常见问题

What's the benefit of HPP juice compared with other fresh juice on market? HPP果汁和其他市场上的新鲜果汁有什么不同?
HPP Juice determined to keep fruit's original nutrients at its finest level without adding any artificial food preservatives. Instead of keeping 100% nitritional value of the fruit juice, the shelf life of the juice can last until 2 months long without any altering of its nutritional value. Acknowledged by FDA of the HPP technology in preservation of juice, HPP juice also helps to decrease blood pressure, helps in liver detoxification, fight against cancer and increase our body energy. 
HPP果汁拒绝任何添加因素,譬如防腐剂、糖等等,志在保留原有的营养及味道。此外,HPP果汁不但能保存营养,更可保存长达60天都不变味!获得美国权威FDA认可的超高压冷杀菌技术,HPP 果汁不止可口,还可帮助降低血压、帮助肝脏排毒、对抗炎症和提高我们的能量。
What is HPP in HPP Juice means? 请问HPP是什么意思?
Is Master Wong products suitable for everyone? 黄师傅的产品适合所有人吗?
How fresh is Alita goat milk? Alita 羊奶新鲜吗?
Any difference between Madulut honey and other honey? 银蜂蜜和普通蜂蜜有什么差别?
Madulut honey produced by stingless bee under natural situation. Compared other honey, Madulut honey is purer and more nutritious compared to the common honey.
Is it still edible if Madulut Honey crystalized? 银蜂蜜结晶化了还能食用吗?
Why Madulut Honey is more better than ordinary honey? 为什么银蜂蜜比其他蜂蜜更好?
What is the shipping rate? 请问邮费如何?

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Our vision is to bring true health to all of our customers.

Order Tracking - 追查订单

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